Giveaway $5 voucher. Air dried squid.

If you take 100g of squid which are 99% water by weight and you let it air dry so that they are now 98% water, what is the net weight of the squid after drying?

I make dog themed math questions to promote math and science among students. That’s because I really love what I’m doing. But if you just want freebies without any effort, or you just throw away my hard work. I guess this might not be the place for you.

3 responses to “Giveaway $5 voucher. Air dried squid.”

  1. 100g of squid: if 99% water, means 1% meat = 1g
    The meat weight doesn’t change after dehydrating
    After dehydrating, 1g of meat is now worth 2% of total weight. So total weight = 50g


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