$10 voucher giveaway. Communist doggo

Free giveaway. Just answer this question correctly with workings. Will get 50g chicken or pork jerky. Under the name of doggomunism, 10 doggos will get these free gifts.

Under the great leader ah chye, 3 capitalism doggos were forced to equally redistribute their treatos with 9 socialist doggos. Every capitalist doggo is forced to give an equal sum to every socialist doggo, and every socialist doggo also has to give an equal amount to each capitalist doggo. after which every doggo would possess an equal amount of treatos. Before redistribution, every capitalist has equal amount of treatos, and every socialist has equal amount of treatos. But capitalist and socialist have different amount of treatos. The amount given by the capitalist to socialist and socialist to capitalist were not the same.

What is the minimum possible of treatos each doggo possess before and after the redistribution. And what is the amount given by the socialist to capitalist and capitalist to socialist.

PM me your workings.

I make dog themed math questions to promote math and science among students. That’s because I really love what I’m doing. But if you just want freebies without any effort, or you just throw away my hard work. I guess this might not be the place for you.

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