$10 voucher giveaway. Chye the glutton

Baked salmon flakes giveaway! Just answer this question correctly and you’ll get 5 pieces of baked salmon flakes or $10 voucher delivered to your house.  These are made up of 100% Atlantic Salmon. Fragrant and soft. Break it up and feel the taste of the Atlantic ocean. Five earliest correct answers will be rewarded. Singapore only. DM me the answer.

Ah Chye has 20 packets of salmon flakes, each with 8 pieces of flakes. Being a horrible gluton, she doesn’t finish the flakes, and for each piece, one-fourth will be leftover. Pawpa being a meticulous person, picks up the flakes, and using 4 of the one-fourth to make the leftover into a piece and give it to chye. So how many pieces have ah chye eaten at the end of the day where no salmon is left.

Those that won the last time. Please don’t give out the answer.

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